Toni Gibson was just a little girl when she first worked in her grandfather's pharmacy, "Cuzalina's". Years later, she would graduate college and open her own pharmacy, carrying on her grandfather's legacy. Her father, Dr. "Bob", was a well known and liked physician in town, and together they provided excellent health care for Ponca City. Now 38 years later, she's still providing the best healthcare she can for not only the citizens of Ponca City, but anyone that walks through her doors. 

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We never want to lose sight of what’s best for our patients. As our website grows, we will never forget why we built it: to expand the customer experience and satisfaction with our pharmacy and help them however we can.  Whether you talk to anyone in our pharmacy staff or Toni herself, these values will hold true – and that’s a promise we are ready to keep. We strive daily to accomplish three basic goals for our patients: patient safety, healthy living, and quality work, and you can rest assured that we're going to meet those goals everyday! 

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